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Baby Audrey: Three Months

three month baby update
What’s new? Audrey is a very smiley girl, but don’t let her sweet smirk fool you – she is a feisty little gal during the day!  She has good days and challenging ones, but her challenging ones are challenging.  She adores her big sister, though, and we all adore her.  We caught our first glimpses at a laugh this month – Shane was tickling her neck and she chucked a few times!  I got one little chuckle the next day.
Stats: No doctor’s appointment this month for official stats, but she is about 13 pounds.
Hair: Still rocking dark brown hair, and lots of it!  We get comments all the time on how much hair she has!  I’m interested in seeing if her color will stay as dark brown as it is.
Eyes: Audrey’s eyes are a beautiful hazel color – a medium green-brown.  They are big and round, and remind me so much of her big sister’s, just a different color.
Clothes: Solidly in 3-month clothing – fits her perfect.  It has been so fun seeing Emma’s old outfits on Audrey. 
Sleep: (Audrey is a great sleeper – parenthesis so I don’t jinx it.)  She goes to bed between 9-10pm, and sleeps until around 4-6am.  One night last week she slept 10-7am, which shocked the heck out of Shane and I.  I am hoping her sleep continues to be so fabulous, as I am heading back to work shortly (more on that later), and could use all the sleep I can get.  Her naps are not as impressive, but she is still doing quite well napping on the go, which is great.  She naps very frequently in her swing as well, and it is the only place she really falls asleep on her own right now.
Feeding: Audrey is a great nurser and eats like a champ.  She can be fussy at the breast at times, but it is usually when she is overtired.  She is still on exclusively breast milk, but takes a bottle once a week or so.  When I go back to work, she will start taking bottles all day M-F, which will be an adjustment – more for me than for her.
Likes: The swing, people talking to her and being asked to smile, the bouncer, Daddy tickling her, showering with Mommy
Dislikes: Not being paid attention to (at pretty much all times!), getting dressed, being cold after the bath
Mama Update: Feeling pretty good.  This was a good month of getting adjusted to the mom-of-2 life.  Things feel more manageable (most of the time), and more joyful (a lot of the time).  I am having lots of feelings about going back to work, which I plan to post about separately.  I remember really struggling with the feeling of change impending when I had Emma – knowing my leave was coming to an end – and I am feeling similar this time, but not quite as stressed as before.
Looking Forward To: My first Mother’s Day as a Mother of 2!
audrey three months
Mommy Calls Audrey: Audrelly
Daddy Calls Audrey: Audge, Aud-Ball
Emma Calls Audrey: Baby, Baby Girl, Audge