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Baby Audrey: Two Months

What’s new? Audrey is smiling at us on purpose (a lot!), and really starting to stare at toys that hang on her activity gym.

Stats: Audrey is hanging out right on track on her growth curve.  She weighs 11 lb, 2 1/2 ounces; and is 22 3/4 inches long.  She weighs less than her big sister did at two months, which I think is funny since she was born two pounds heavier!

Hair: Audrey’s hair is very dark brown, quite long (she has a bit of a mullet), and curly when it gets wet or damp.  I swear I can see a hint of red under the brown, so I am not convinced she is a brunette for life just yet!

Eyes: They are a very pretty brown with kind of a green undertone.

Clothes: Audrey is in all 3-month clothes.  She was only in newborn clothes for about six weeks.  I am having a lot of nostalgia going through her clothes, as 99% of them were Emma’s.  I especially like dressing her in the same outfits Emma wore three years on the same occasions – like the birth Emma wore on my birthday, and the outfit she wore on St. Patrick’s Day.



Sleep: We are enjoying a nice long stretch of sleep at the beginning of the night, but often times it takes a lot of work (thank you, Shane, for being the one to rock this little one to sleep almost every night!) to get her there.  Once down, she will usually sleep for 4-5 hours, which is great.  Most nights I am still going to sleep right when she does, or even before while Shane gets her down, which has me feeling pretty rested.  After her first stretch, sleep for the rest of the night/morning is hit or miss, but pretty great most nights.  Sadly, if she is anything like her older sister (she is very much like her so far), this sleep pattern won’t last long – only time will tell!  Daytime sleep depends on the days – sometimes she still sleeps practically all day, and sometimes she will fight sleep almost all day long.

Feeding: Audrey eats anywhere from every 2-4 hours throughout the day, and once or twice overnight.  We had to use a nipple shield for a few weeks around the clock, and are still using it overnight.  I have an overactive letdown and oversupply, which is the worst overnight and early morning, so the nipple shield is less for latching and more to manage the flow for her and not get her worked up in the middle of the night.  Audrey is fussy when eating often, and has a hard time staying latched.  I have to use both hands during most feedings which is very frustrating.  I will continue to work with her on her latch, but I am much more confident this time (having been here before) that breastfeeding will improve with time almost as much as anything else.

Likes: Ceiling fans of all kinds, smiling at just about anyone, looking at

Big Sister Emma

Dislikes: The hours from 8-11pm generally

Mama Update: I am feeling much more settled, and so much more confident in general as a second time mom.  I still get very anxious when I have both girls alone for an extended period (Emma’s childcare has remained the same for consistency and my sanity) – I really don’t know how stay-at-home moms of multiple children do it!  I am struggling to find the time in the day to feed the baby, do the laundry, get any grocery shopping/cooking done, clean the house, engage with Emma, and you know, breathe.  I feel overwhelmed most days, which worries me for when I go back to work, as the hours in the day will compress even more.

Mommy Calls Audrey: Audrella, Little Sister, Cunkamunk, Goog-larones

Daddy Calls Audrey: Pop Lobster, Audrey Belle

Emma Calls Audrey: Auuuudrey, Baby Sister, Baby Girl