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Baby Product Must-Haves: Months Two and Three

Three months down in baby life, and lots of baby products that have made that easier!  We are still using and abusing every thing on my must-haves list from the first six weeks.  Check out my additional baby product must-haves for months two and three:


Audrey, like her big sister Emma, spends a lot of time in her swing.  She loves to look up and “talk” to the little lambs circling above her, she likes the light up stars, and the rocking soothes her to fall asleep on her own – just about the only place, other than the car, that she does that.  This swing is the reason I get anything done around the most most days (but don’t tell my husband, because I am still trying to get by with the brand-new baby excuse for the dirty dishes and laundry!).


The weather is warming up (from our frigid winter of 50-60s), and Audrey is rejoicing my showing off her guns and toes.  Her sleepers are used mainly for sleeping now, and little miss is rocking real outfits most of the time.  She has a handful of dresses I adore (my favorite are the onesies with attached skirts, so much easier for a little baby than a real dress), but most days she is wearing cute onesies and likely a pair of ruffle booty pants.

Burp Cloths

I talked about this in my Breastfeeding Must-Haves post, but we actually use cloth diaper pre-folds for burp cloths and they are the best ever spit up soaker uppers there ever were.  I have these scattered all over my house (though I still end up soaking up spit up with my own clothes at least once a day – sigh).

Moby Wrap

This is a product I had but hardly used with Emma, and it has been so lovingly used this time around!  I actually got a new one from a dear friend Melissa (thank you, friend!), and I am so glad to have had this handy wrap.  It takes a little practice to get it tied on you just right, but it is so nice for babywearing tiny babes.  I busted out my soft-structured carrier at the end of Month Three, and so prefer the wrap still.  This wrap allowed me to go grocery shopping, and to wander around Target for many many hours over the past couple months.

Activity Gym

Audrey just started grabbing on to toys hanging from her activity gym.  I try to make sure she gets a little time here every day, because she seems to get excited when she does make a grab for a toy!

What are your must-have baby products for the first few months of babyhood?


  1. Mary Leigh

    We loved the swing (We had the same one) and the activity mat! This is a great round up!

    1. Casey

      Thank you, Mary Leigh! We just love our little lamb swing, and so have both of our girls!

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