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Toddler Easter Basket Ideas – What’s in Emma’s Basket?

I have to admit, I love putting together Emma’s Easter Basket as much I love doing her stocking, which is a lot.  As she grows into an older toddler and bigger kid, it gets more and more fun.  Because her birthday is in December, Easter is a nice time to get her some little trinkets as a gift.  While the Target Dollar Spot …

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101 in 1001: A New Adventure

Last week I shared an older 101 in 1001 list, and today I am sharing a brand new one, with the 1001 days starting NOW!  There are some things that appear here that were also on my previous list because I may not have completed them the first time, I’d like to do them again, or they are things I’d like …

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This Season of Life, a New Blog

Well, I’m doing it.  I’m starting a new blog.  I’ve been wanting to return to blogging for years, but coming up with a name kept stumping me so I kept putting off.  Sure, there were other reasons starting a blog was delayed, being that I hardly find time to shower most days, but the name really really kept me at a standstill. …

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