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Five on Friday

one. I got to head to Burke Williams this week for a little Mommy retreat.  Shane surprised me in the hospital after having Audrey with a gift certificate, and I’ve been so excited to use it!  Shout out to the lady at the front desk who, when I asked if their restrooms had outlets, offered to let me pump in her office!  This spurred a fun conversation with some of my mom friends on what would be included at the perfect Mom Spa.

two. We have so many things to get done around this house.  I am really hoping we can have a productive weekend, but holy damn the hours fly by now that there are two littles wanting our attention pretty much non stop!

three. Shane and I have been eating so healthy, and I’m happy to say I’m already seeing results!  I am over 3 pounds down, and hoping to stick with it.  I have really awful willpower, which combined with my really awful sweet tooth – doesn’t make me the best dieter.

four. I have about four weeks left of maternity leave and I am having all the feels.  Look for an upcoming post on some working mom thoughts.

five. We have recently started a “star chart” of sorts with Emma, and it does appear to be helping her to have a reward for good behavior.  I’ve also talked with her a lot lately about being able to say “I’m angry about this” or “I’m sad about this” instead of throwing a fit.  There is something really cute about the way she’s been saying “Mommy, I’m angry of this!” when she is not pleased with how things are going.


Next week on the This Season of Life – look out some Toddler Easter Basket Ideas, and some thoughts on popular baby products.

Happy Weekend!