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Emma’s Toddler Hairstyles – Edition 1

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My beautiful Emma is blessed with some hair.  While the color is obviously all Daddy, I do like to think she gets some of her luscious locks from me.  Either way, I have major hair envy.  Her hair has gotten so long that I am really enjoying styling it, and spend a lot of time on Pinterest looking at different do’s for my girl.  Here are some of the styles she’s been rocking lately.



 Do you do your child’s hair?  Where do you find styles to inspire you?


  1. Wow! Those braids are beautiful! I am decent(ish) at braiding my own hair, but I would definitely have to practice on these!

    1. Casey

      Thank you, Kristin! I’m the opposite – I find it so so much easier to braid others’ hair than my own! I need to practice on my own head!

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