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This Season of Life, a New Blog

Well, I’m doing it.  I’m starting a new blog.  I’ve been wanting to return to blogging for years, but coming up with a name kept stumping me so I kept putting off.  Sure, there were other reasons starting a blog was delayed, being that I hardly find time to shower most days, but the name really really kept me at a standstill.

So, how did I finally decide on This Season of Life?  I have said it so many times over the past six weeks, it finally clicked while folding laundry (something I’ve been doing a lot lately).  Here’s what’s going on in this season of my life:

My husband, Shane, and I recently celebrated six years of marriage.  Which is like a long time when you’re twenty-eight years old, and your friends are really just starting to get married.  So here we are, marriage experts (sarcasm will be spoken here frequently, for the record), navigating something we are still relative newbies at: parenthood.

Our older daughter, Emma, is three years old, sassy as hell, seriously beautiful, and seems to frequently experience exorcisms (we usually call them tantrums).  She is smart and thoughtful, and becoming the best big sister I could have imagined (as long as she is not left alone with her sister and necklaces – don’t ask).  Emma is a joy in our lives, even if she is, sometimes, a thorn in our sides.  I had never known what it felt like to love someone so much it actually hurt my heart until Emma was born.  I may have been known to say that I legitimately believe the sun shines out of Emma’s behind.

And the newest member of our family, Audrey, was born this January.  She is six weeks old, and, well, a newborn.  She likes to nurse, fuss, and always seems to be looking for her big sister.  She has an ongoing love affair with the ceiling fan (she actually doesn’t seem to like one over the other, but don’t tell the living room fan that), and just started really smiling.  As I write this, I’m currently listening to Shane doing some hardcore smiling training with her in the kitchen – “Ready?!  Try again!  You’re doing it!  She’s smiling!  Case, she’s smiling!”.

I came to name this blog This Season of Life because I’ve said that exact phrase so many times the past six weeks.  This Season of Life, this one filled with carrying babies, birthing babies, and raising babies, all while trying to nurture your marriage, oh yeah and your career, is hard.  There is so much love but so much work that goes into every single day.  No, scratch that, every single minute.  This Season of Life is short, I know.  Everyone tells you you’ll look back and it will be like you blinked and your kids grew up.  I believe it, but that doesn’t make the day to day any less challenging.  So here, on this blog, I will share the details of this season of our lives – the ups and downs, the good and the bad, the uncensored and unapologetic thoughts of a twenty-something (for another year or so) wife, mother, woman navigating this path.  I’ll probably share a recipe or craft project here or there too, so hopefully you won’t get too bored.

If you’d like to read some former musings of mine, you can find them at Stress Case.