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Toddler Easter Basket Ideas – What’s in Emma’s Basket?

I have to admit, I love putting together Emma’s Easter Basket as much I love doing her stocking, which is a lot.  As she grows into an older toddler and bigger kid, it gets more and more fun.  Because her birthday is in December, Easter is a nice time to get her some little trinkets as a gift.  While the Target Dollar Spot could have sponsored this post (Hollar at me, Tar-jay), they most certainly did not.  Because Target has yet to make my dreams come true by including their Dollar Spot items online, I’ve provided some links for items similar to most of the items in Emma’s Toddler Easter Basket via Amazon in case you’re in need of a few items for your Toddler’s Easter Basket!

Toddler Easter Basket Ideas

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Dress and Play Stickers / Annie’s Bunny Grahams / Sidewalk Chalk / Bunny Hair Clips / Bubble Wand / Reese’s Pieces / Toddler Sunglasses / Play-Doh / Toddler Socks / Clothes: 1.2.3

Some other ideas I have used in the past? Undies for potty trained littles, or littles soon to be potty-trained, headbands, coloring books and art supplies!  For slightly older kiddos? Jewelry, nail polish, lotions, body sprays, and play makeup.  I am a total #girlmom, so I can’t give advice from experience on ideas for boys, but something tells me matchbox cars and legos would be well liked (by boys and girls alike, quite frankly!).

Emma’s Easter Basket

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What kinds of things do you put in your child’s Easter Basket?

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  1. Mary Leigh

    I love all of these ideas! It’s awesome that you’ve got so many practical things in here, that will still be exciting for your toddler!

    1. Casey

      Thank you! I hope she will love it! 🙂

  2. These are awesome! You’ve got some wonderful ideas here!

    1. Casey

      Thanks, Jennifer!

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